Parents Stand Up

Parents Stand Up

Are you a Michigan parent who has had enough of the covid mandates forced on your child by the government and the schools? Are you scared that masks, quarantines, testing and vaccine discrimination will be back this coming school year? If so, are you prepared to walk away from your public or private school and find other options until schools stop the insanity? Well you are NOT ALONE.

It’s time parents across the state band together and say enough is enough. If the government and schools continue to target our children, then we must take things into our own hands and walk away.

There are many other options out there and together we can make it work! We can help guide, encourage, and assist one another on this journey. Michigan has many excellent homeschooling options and by law you are allowed to unenroll your child at anytime to begin homeschooling.

The way things are going in schools right now...home might be the best place for your child.  If the schools change direction and stop the mandates, you can decide whether or not to re-enrolling your child. Nothing is permanent, but action is needed to make change happen.

Attorney Jimmy Thomas and “Let Them Play Michigan” have come together to propose a plan. If you are 100% positive that you would find alternate options for your child if their school brings back covid mandates, please sign the form below. This form info will be sent to Attorney Thomas and attorney/client privilege will be given to anyone who signs. Your name will never be given to anyone or printed on any letters to your school. Your school will simply be sent a certified letter from Attorney Thomas stating that ____ number of students have committed to unenrolling from their school district if the covid mandates return during the 2021/2022 school year.   

ONLY SIGN IF YOU ARE 100% WILLING TO FOLLOW THROUGH. You will be notified through email as to how many parents have signed on within your school district and can remove your name at any time.

We are stronger together. If we don’t take a stand now, things will never change. Our children’s futures are depending on the decisions we make today.


You can remove your name by emailing

Parent Sign Up

If you have children in different school districts, please fill out a separate form for each child.